Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Its 5 days into 2010 and next I know it will be another countdown to welcome another new year. I had a very quite new year as we had just arrived a couple of days before we say farewell to 2009. This year marks another important chapter in our lives as there's great changes for the family. Moving to a new country and adjusting to new place and environment is a challenged I must say and especially after staying in one place for a period of 6 years. I would be lying if I say I dont miss my old place but the truth is the people I found there, that makes my life and my stay so comfortable and so much fun. I must thank god for my lucky star to have a life so blessed and to have met a bunch of wonderful friends.

Alhamdulillah, the kids are happy and seems to be adjusting very well at our new place considering we have been here only for 9 days. They started their first day at school yesterday and have already been busy making new friends and were so excited about their new school. That' a good sign!! Kids are happy.

upon arrival at the airport.

Yes, 2010 come what may....I am all set for you!!